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Emergency Financial Assistance

The coronavirus, COVID-19 and other economic factors are impacting Florida’s veterans, active duty military members and their families. As many organizations are being forced to close their doors, our veterans are unable to work and provide an income to support their families.

The Florida Veterans Foundation is here to support those who are affected by this pandemic. The Foundation has an established program that supports our veterans in need during an emergency and partners with other organizations like the American Legion to help facilitate the process on a case-by-case basis.

We are committed to doing what we can to support Florida’s active duty military members, veterans, and their families, but resources are limited.

We are grateful for the Florida Legislature, private donations and grants that help to support these financial efforts that will help service members who are experiencing a hardship during this time.

If you are a donor, please find it in your heart to donate so that we can make a greater impact and support all service members who need us during this chaotic time.

Florida Veterans Foundation
American Legion
Utility Bill Assistance
For Immediate Local Assistance
County Veteran Service Officer (Scroll down to find your Officer that knows resources in your area)
– Help Paying Bills and other local resources

Veterans Emergency Help Guidelines

  1. Veteran, Active Duty Military, or Immediate Family Member (Spouse, Legal Guardian, or Child)
  1. Acceptable Discharges: Honorable or General Under Honorable Conditions
  1. Florida Resident for minimum of 120 Days
  1. Show Sustainability – balance of income and expenses
  1. Experiencing an unforeseeable emergency
  1. Provided for necessities: shelter, utilities, food (in the form of a gift card), and some transportation and medical expenses
  1. Funds are granted one-time per household

Additional Guideline process for COVID-19 Funds

  • Applicants who are experiencing loss of income must show proof via pay stubs or letter from employer.
  • Phone interview with local VetRelief Advocate will be accepted for the safety of our volunteers.
  • To avoid depletion of funds, a monthly cap of financial assistance will be put in place. Once the organization reaches cap, funds will only be available through the resources we receive from the Florida Veteran Foundation. Donate now:


Please fill out the applicaiton below or download the PDF, fill it out and mail to: FVF, P. O. Box 1058, Tallahassee, FL 32302.

Emergency Financial Aid Application

The Florida Veterans’ Foundation is a non-profit direct support agency of the Florida Department of Veteran’s Affairs. The FVF will consider emergency financial assistance to qualified veterans only when all other resources have been exhausted. Foundation funding is not an entitlement and is granted on a case-by-case basis.

Assistance Provided

The Foundation primarily provides assistance with rent, rent deposits, mortgage, or utilities payments. The Foundation may assist with payments other than those listed, but the Foundation will not assist with auto repairs, auto payments, loan payments, insurance, home improvements, cable and internet, phone bills, or food assistance. The Foundation does not participate in payment plans. If the Foundation assists, the payment must either alone, or in combination with the Veteran’s funds, and/or funding from other agencies, completely satisfy the debt.

Eligibility Requirements

You must have served ninety days on active duty before September 7, 1980 if enlisted, or October 16, 1981 for officers. After September 7, 1980 if enlisted, or October 16, 1981 for officers, you must have served two years on active duty. There are exceptions for Veterans that served in a combat zone under Title 10 orders, or who were discharged due to medical reasons. You must have been discharged under honorable conditions. You must reside in the state of Florida. You must be sustainable. This is a one time benefit.

Required Documentation

Receipt of all documents listed below is required before your application can be processed.

    • Photo ID – Driver’s License or State ID are preferred, but other forms may be accepted depending on circumstances.
    • DD-214 – must show type of discharge (member 4). If DD-214 is not available there may be other acceptable

documentation available (please contact your county Veterans Service Officer).

  • Documentation of income for all household members.
  • First page of lease or copy of mortgage statement.
  • Three Day Notice or Foreclosure Notice if asking for rent or mortgage assistance.
  • Copies of all bills, especially a current utility bill.
  • Documentation of the emergency, e.g. medical bills, unemployment, etc.


Applications are generally processed in one to three business days after receipt of all required documentation. When we receive your application and find that we need something else, we will make one attempt to contact you, so it’s important you ensure we have the correct contact number, and if you are not available when we call, that you return our call promptly. If we don’t receive all necessary documentation in seven days, we will consider your claim abandoned and you will need to file a new claim.

We will

Contact you If we need something from you, or when we make a decision on your claim. We have a small staff, so repeated calls for a status check will slow down the processing of claims. If you have a situation where your power or water is shut off, or the sheriff has delivered documents from the court to you, please make a note on the first page of the application. If you have not heard from us in three business days please call to be sure we have gotten your application.

Please note: The Florida Veterans Foundation requires that you process your application through your County Veteran Service officer, or have been denied from two other agencies before applying for assistance from the Foundation.