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In Honor of the 75th Anniversary Of General Chuck Yeager’s Breaking the Sound Barrier

Florida Veterans Foundation

(Serving 1.6 Million Veterans with Emergency Services) &
General Chuck Yeager Legacy Foundation

This year marks the 75th anniversary of General Chuck Yeager’s successful achievement to “punch a hole in the sky” and break the sound barrier.

He was the first to accomplish this incredible feat, which became the basis for the movie, “The Right Stuff”.

To commemorate his achievement, I am proud to donate my time and be the Honorary Chairperson for a special 75th anniversary celebration to honor heroes and raise funds for Veterans who are in dire need of assistance.

General Yeager never met a challenge that he could not overcome, and we are extending same challenge to you to become a Sponsor for the Leatherneck Scramble Golf Tournament held in Tallahassee, FL on November 14, 2022. Many Veterans are in need of financial, mental and other assistance to give them hope for a better future. You can make a difference with your support.

The funds raised for the tournament will benefit the Florida Veterans Foundation and General Chuck Yeager’s Legacy Foundation. Attached is a flyer for you to peruse and complete, and send in with your gift. You can also sign up at For more information, please contact Lew Wilson at 850-488-4181, extension 1 or email him at

To quote General Yeager, “You don’t concentrate on risks. You concentrate on results. No risk is too great to prevent the necessary job from getting done”.

Thank you for your time & support,
Mrs. Chuck Yeager

Calendar of Events

May 20
Armed Forces Day

May 29
Heroes Honor Festival Daytona Beach

May 31
Memorial Day

June 4
NW FL Women Veterans Jacksonville, FL

June 17 & 18
Veterans Florida Expo

July 4
Hernando Beach Yacht Club Parade

November 10
Marine Corps Birthday

November 11
Veterans Day

November 14
Leatherneck Scramble to Support Veterans in Need – Tallahassee